May 30, 2007


On his explorations to the arctic, Frobisher was accompanied by an armada of 15 ships, over 400 men, and the hope and dreams of his backers. This was, and remains, the largest maritime expedition ever mounted to the arctic. This ship, a barque, can be identified by the rigging of the three masts, of which the mainmast and the foremast are square-rigged while the mizzenmast is fore-and-aft-rigged. As one of the smallest ships in his fleet, although it was used to sail the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean, its value was to explore the bays and inlets of passing lands (Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland, then finally Baffin Island.)

Specially picked pieces from the Jubilee Auditorium's original exhibit Meta Incognita, with work produced on the theme of Martin Frobisher's 1570s exploration of the Canadian north and the intrique of the Elizabethan court in London concerning the possiblility of gold discovery there, have now been hung in the Eric Harvie Theatre at the Banff Centre.

I invite you to view this show over the summer during your travels to the mountains.

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