September 24, 2008

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

I injured myself 2 weeks ago and haven't been able to type or use my right hand at all and so am on forced down time. It has actually been great - catching up on my taped TV shows (finally watched the 4 hours of opening ceremonies from the Olympics!) and especially this week while the Calgary International Film Festival is on. I am going to 2 movies a day and seeing some wonderful films.

Some of the movies seen are:
Alexandra - Russia
Little Book of Revenge - Quebec
Glass: A Portrait of Philip in 12 Parts - Australia
O'Horten - Norway
The Beetle - Israel
Mermaid - Russia
and lots of shorts.

Coming up for the rest of the week are:
Homestay - Japan/Canada
Sita Sings the Blues - USA
Gloss - Russia
The Grocer's Son - France
How To Be - UK
Kabluey - USA
Jar City - Iceland
and more shorts.

Here is the promo from the Philip Glass movie - look for it and check out the life of a genius. And here is his web site so you can look up information on his works for yourself.

"A uniquely intimate portrait of a music icon, Glass: A Portrait of Philip in Twelve Parts explores the contemporary composer's creative process in opera, concert, and film, interwoven with candid scenes of his personal and spiritual life. In July 2005, filmmaker Scott Hicks started shooting a documentary about the composer to celebrate Glass’ 70th birthday in 2007. Over the next 18 months, he followed Glass across three continents, from his annual roller-coaster ride on the Coney Island Cyclone, to the world premiere of his new opera in Germany, to a virtuoso didgeridoo performance in Australia. Allowed unprecedented access to Glass' working process, family life, spiritual teachers, and longtime collaborators, including Martin Scorsese, Errol Morris, Chuck Close, Christopher Hampton, Hicks gives audiences a remarkable mosaic portrait of one of the greatest – and at times most controversial – artists of this or any era."

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