March 14, 2009

Banff - Day 14

Let's go back a couple of days... remember the red tie dye piece? I attacked it with a deconstructed screen and it is now a deep blue and purple. I am not completely happy with it but it has some gorgeous bits here and there. Here is an example:

Everyone was hard at work in the studio today as our focus is about to change once more. Tomorrow we are bringing in a fibre artist who will be instructing us in self critique for the next week - more information on that coming...

But tonight was another performing art break, and this time dance.

The ProArteDanza is a unique and visionary dance company created to showcase choreographers and dancers from both ballet and modern dance backgrounds. The things they did to their bodies!! I really enjoyed their 6 different performances, and each one was so moving. The fluidity of line... how many different ways can you get up off the floor? and add another body into the mix... They are quite a young company and out of the Toronto area - keep an eye out for them.

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Anonymous said...

Donna - I'm really enjoying reading your daily posts! Sounds like you are having a wonderful experience (I'm just a little jealous!!) Can't wait to see what you create next. Barbara

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