March 15, 2009

Banff - Day 15

Stitching is slow! I started on another piece composed of little pieces of cotton and of silk layered on a cotton backing cloth. Day 1 was cutting them out, Day 2 was pinning them onto the background, Day 3 and 4 have been hand stitching them on. I finally finished all of the inside squares by the end of today, and now I have to attach the larger outside squares. This piece originated as a sample for a dyeing process at the end of the month, but I am liking the colour combinations quite a bit (orange, yellow, brown, green, red) - will have to see what happens to it - the dye pot? or the background for another piece? or both?

I love this mountain and how it changes every day - to walk to the restaurant we have a 10 foot ramp that we have to go outside on from the residence, and this mountain stares us in the face as we cross it - here are many shots of it from various times of the day and in different weather. I think it is Rundle Mountain (but don't quote me) and it doesn't have one of those pointing finger signs!
above: sunrise, you can see the sun coming up in the lower left corner through the trees

today: it snowed on and off all day here and when it wasn't snowing it was socked in fog.

Tonight's concert was Quebecois music - a mixture of French, Scottish, Irish - a very folkie sort, and I loved it. The band Le Vent du Nord had played in the Calgary Folk Festival in 2003 and currently tours around the world educating and entertaining people with their traditional music from Quebec. A rousing show!

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