March 20, 2009

Banff - Day 20

A day for catching up with business items - coordinating the visitors coming over the next week, arranging the poster for our show next Friday, checking our instructor out, and taking all of our art work down from the classroom studio space. Finally got into the Leighton Studio this afternoon and finished hand stitching the orange squares onto the pinkish background - had a lovely talk with Martha about it and it has now changed shows - moved from the Women Rock body of work into the Winnipeg one. I have 5 new pieces planned for the Winnipeg showing of Urban Textures as that gallery is twice as big as the Edmonton one. She never changed our direction, rather tweaked our thinking and made us realize "oh yeah, that was my original thought all along." Enforced the 'follow your instincts' methodology.

Another Friday night and another concert. This time the group of 4 young women from Russia in a string quartet called Rusquartet played the work of Dutch modern composer Louis Andriessen. They are heading to Vancouver for the "Andriessen at 70" music festival to celebrate the composer's 70th birthday. The group was last in Banff for the international string quartet competition in 2007. The CBC was there to record the concert and you can listen to them. Click here.

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