March 21, 2009

Banff - Day 21

A gorgeous day in the mountains today, so I went out and did some photography. Here is some growth of conifer and juniper with berries that have survived through the winter.

Then I started focusing on the bark of the pine trees around our studio. Some with lichen growing in it, some with sap running down, and just all the different patterns in the bark itself.

But the worst of all was the evidence of the mountain pine beetle which is decimating the forests throughout the Rockies. Where do they live? Right here...

Read about the beetle on Parks Canada website here.
But some good news on the horizon helping Alberta's fight, read the latest news and the results of our cold winter.

I am working on six pieces for a series based upon the results of the beetle for the Women Rock study. Did lots of hand stitching today on my pieces, but never took any photos of them... maybe tomorrow.

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