March 03, 2009

Banff - Day 3

Fresh snow this morning and fog through the valley, but the sun came out and everything melted by noon. Yesterday's temperature was +10c, this is amazing weather for March in the mountains.

What a busy day today - but not much time for work...

Today starts our week of time in the dye and print making studios in the Visual Arts Department located in Glyde Hall. We started off with a two hour tour of the facilities and a WHMIS (hazardous workplace) orientation. While we were touring with coordinator Wendy Tokaryk, we ran into Ed Bamiling and talked to him about filling the empty "Other Gallery" with art work we happened to have with us - within minutes we had a five day show!

After breaking for lunch, we started hauling our dyeing supplies and art work across campus. It took us just over three hours to hang the show and it came together extremely well. If you are in Banff from now to Saturday pop in and see for yourself!

Left to right: Gloria S. Daly, Ingrid Lincoln, Lesley Turner, Donna Clement, Wendy Klotz

1 comment:

Dave said...

Day 3 and NO WORK yet! What happened to the detailed daily work schedule? The group may have to give up a couple of mornings in the pool and gourment breakfast buffets in order to get earlier starts and back on track!! The Other Gallery show looks good. Good thing the group had a few extra pieces of finished art work!

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