October 10, 2009

New York 2009 part 1

My 23 year old daughter complained that she had not had a vacation for a couple of years what with summer jobs and completing her university degree. She decided she wanted to visit New York City and was looking for someone to accompany her - I quickly jumped up and down and said "pick me!"

We squeezed the trip in at the end of August in-between her finishing her summer job and taking off for six months to travel southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand (how that doesn't count as not going anywhere, I am not quite sure!)

I was going to collect photos of graffiti but it is getting hard to find it in NYC (they have cleaned the city up so much!) I had found out two special areas in Chelsea and Brooklyn but although we got just blocks away from one of them, we had to rush off to the theatre to catch our 7pm show.

This is one example I did find - right on Houston Street by the delicious Russ and Daughters bagel / deli.

Close up of the right hand side image shows a collage of sorts:

and the Batwoman-like image is made of LEGO blocks:

At the Union Square farmer's market we came across some unusual flowers:
(Okay, here they look like straw flowers but they are not that when you see them in person!)

We then wandered over to the Natural History Museum on the west side of Central Park and in the special exhibit on Margaret Mead and her Samoa adventures I found these sketches of Pacific Indian art.

Then it was over to Brooklyn to walk around the DUMBO area (one of NY's premiere art districts), get the views across the East River of the Manhattan skyline, and then stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge. On the bridge I was looking for artsy shots of the wonderful wire that make up its suspension.
and then taking photos of the Manhattan skyline through the wires:

In DUMBO, the only textile art I found was this quilt flapping in the wind (I think Liz has closeup shots of it on her camera... these photos were all mine, tomorrow I will continue with some of hers.)

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Lesley Turner said...

exciting shots of the bridge. I've never seen it shown like that before. enjoying reliving your NY trip thru your pictures, thanks

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