September 28, 2011

Summer Dyeing continues

The last dyeing I posted was at the beginning of August, opening the lovely jars of 'eco' surprises... I then had the opportunity to go out to our summer cabin alone for a week and do some 'regular' dyeing.

Using my favourite "Alter Ego" dyes on silk and rayon devore scarves, I got some lovely results. All in preparation for fall Art Sales selling silk scarves.

Laying out and sorting the blank white scarves:
Bubbling pots of luscious colour. The left will be green and purple, the right will be golden yellow and lemon yellow:
Some results drying gently in the shade:

Then I was throwing everything into the pots: wool blankets, silk and cotton threads, doilies, linen napkins...

The final scarf results:

And my helpers out there...
Bluejay -->
Goldfinch -->
and the Hairy Woodpecker-->

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