November 11, 2011

Calyx and Quilting

The last month has been so busy with the Calyx sale in Calgary; going down to Kalispell, Montana for a week-long design class with Rosalie Dace from South Africa; then the Calyx sale in Edmonton; AND being picked up by a gallery in Olds for sales.

CALYX is a wonderful sale, full of so many talented artists in acrylic, oils and watercolour paintings, pottery, wood, jewellers, and other fibre artists. In Calgary it is highly anticipated and the lineup outside the door before they open first thing is always amazing to see. Almost 800 people come through in one day. Always good to see the regulars in Calgary, and in Edmonton the word is still building. But as that is my hometown, it is a good chance to see friends and relatives who come out to support me. Thanks to everyone who made it out.

The Quilt Gallery store in Kalispell, Montana brings in international instructors and this fall Rosalie Dace returned for the 6th time. She is a wonderful teacher who basically teaches a design and colour class in whatever the current theme is - everyone produces something totally different. I would totally recommend taking any class from her - as would the others who were there, most of whom had taken all 6 of her previous classes!

After first picking the colours I wanted to work in...

I made a design and started playing with the fabrics. I worked in reverse applique, layering 7-10 fabrics, and cutting through to reveal the colours below.

And laid it out in prescribed fashion...

This was the first working version, by the end of the week things had changed, been moved around, and reinvented - it was great. Unfortunately I have been too busy since returning home so it is not completed, but after the new year I shall get back to it and see where it all ends up.

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