March 27, 2012

Engineered Spaces

SPACES, the first ever Engineering Art Show is being held in Edmonton at the University of Alberta (where I got my Civil Engineering degree over 30 years ago) and it gave me a chance to finally combine my engineering background with my textile arts. I am very excited about being in this show!

It is spread over two engineering buildings, the ETCL and NREF on the U of A north campus, and runs from March 19th to 30th. Their publicity says "We have over 30 artists who have submitted over 50 diverse works - everything from textiles to sculptures, canvasses to multimedia, paintings to photography."

The Edmonton Journal did a photo collage of some of the pieces in the show - click here to see it. And my son, who is currently attending the U of A, took some photos for me of my pieces.

1 comment:

Lesley Turner said...

congratulations. great seeing your art out in the community

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