March 29, 2013

Heavy Metals!

In-between the hand stitching, I would swivel my chair around to my sewing machine and work on a few other pieces (okay, 5 of them.)

One of them is being done in metallic threads (always a challenge to get flowing smoothly through all the threadings on the machine) but I am really enjoying how it is coming together and approaching my vision of it.

In the beginning -
a piece of printed gray velvet that I coloured blocks of gold, copper and silver onto...

then I started adding layers of threads...
(I did actually start with a layer of hand stitching between all the colourblocks.)

and layers and layers...

The gold is done:

the silver is halfway:

and the copper is on the first layer:

Still working away (and missing a lot of the gorgeous spring weather outside) but deadlines are calling!

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