May 06, 2014

Moorea 3

Love the fact that we are again in a French influenced country...

(Every other year our holidays have taken us to French Riviera, Guadalupe, Paris, Provence - in between the other spots we explored.)

We are again immersed in the baguette, pain au chocolate, croissants, wines, butter imported from France; plus of the other tourists here over 90% are from France, which means the percentage of smokers is also higher! Ah well, the sacrifices we make.

But they do make their own beer here (with help from Heiniken.) Dave said it was good.

And there is a fruit juice factory here so plenty of that too! Above, what's left of my pineapple juice.

NOTE: I am posting with my iPad and having problems with pictures and scrolling. These posts are going to be short and sweet!

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