August 04, 2014

French Polynesia update 1

Well, you may have noticed my posts while on holidays stopped pretty abruptly. On May 13th we flew to the island of Bora Bora and had three good days exploring it but on May 16th I had a freak accident and flipped on a hammock and broke my neck!

We spent five days icing the heck out of it (changing ice packs every two hours on my neck, shoulders, right hand, and left arm from the elbow down); then after consulting with the doctor there decided I wasn't getting any better so we had to fly back to Tahiti for an MRI. (The only hospital in the 120 islands of the French Polynesian.)

After a 45 minutes boat ride (in a wheelchair with a soft cervical collar on) to the Bora Bora airport, an hour flight to Tahiti, then an ambulance ride to the hospital I spent 5 hours in Emergency waiting for an MRI, and when I came out of the machine I was immediately put into a hard-shell cervical collar and told to stay horizontal until surgery.

One week after the accident, on May 23rd, I had a 5 hour operation to stabilize the C5 and C6 vertebrate that involved putting in a titanium plate to fuse the two vertebrate together. Thumbs up after the operation....

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