September 18, 2015

Contextural Residency 7

I worked with fibre reactive dyes all summer - Procion being my brand of choice.

I started by sampling on different fabrics - did each colour on a cotton and a silk.
By using Ann Johnston's low immersion dyeing techniques one mixes concentrates first to get the health-threatening Procion from a powder into a safer water-based concentrate. I mixed up 15 - 20 different colours, then started playing with different techniques on paper.

Wendy Klotz demonstrating the proper gear for mixing Procion powders in a dust box.

On 300lb Arches Watercolour papers (mailed to me from Courtney BC courtesy of my friend Linda Smith) I started using Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan's dry brush technique. I continued adding to this paper day after day after day after day...

First layers onto three pieces of paper. One in yellows, one in pinks, one in blues.

I flipped each over so they would be two-sided. On each sheet I would use up to three different shades of that particular colour.

One month of painting later - probably 30 layers on each of the six sides.

1 comment:

Lesley Turner said...

The papers look so rich. What are you going to do with them next?

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