October 23, 2016

A lovely day at a sale...

The pop-up art show known as Calyx is over for another year. I set up my clothing racks and hung the shirts and oversized scarves on it. I also had the table beside, and my regular sized scarves on a rack by it.

Lots of people were really taken with the EcoPrinting and I was very happy with the reception the process received and comments I heard. Thanks to everyone for shopping local and supporting YYC artists. I have two more sales at the end of November:

Contextural Christmas Artisan Sale - SATURDAY - November 19
10am - 6pm
Christ Church Elbow Park
3602-8th Street SW CALGARY

Christmas Market Sale - SAT/SUN - November 26/27
11am - 5pm
TBA - details are being finalized


Arty Nancy said...

It all looks beautiful! I'm looking forward to your other sales. If I can't make it to your sales can I contact you privately?

Donna Clement said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Donna Clement said...

Sure!! Drop me a line at

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