November 09, 2016

Going through my inventory...

For the Contextural sale on November 19th I am looking through my inventory from past exhibitions to see what I still have around.

Pieces that I think I will be bringing are...

From the Alberta Badlands study session in 2004, exploring the flora and geological formations of the Badlands:

Sedimentary Swirls 
Size: 19" x 11"
Water traces lines in the mud; the wind and the sun set them in stone. One of the wonders of the badlands is this ability to see the ephemeral motion of wind and water permanently etched in stone.

Desert Flowers
Size: 28" x 26" 
Here the fleeting, magical bursting to life of the profusion of wildflowers is framed by ancient weathered sandstone cliffs carved by wind and water.

From the Cold Lake study session in 2005 exploring cold and ice, that grew into a complementary exhibit with the brand new Opera being written and performed across Canada in 2007 and 2008 (the show was seen in Calgary, Banff and Halifax) about the British explorer Martin Frobisher from Elizabethan England and his search for a NW passage across the Arctic entitled "Meta Incognita":

A Blaze in the Northern Sky 
Size: 30” x 50” 
In the land of the midnight sun where the air is crystal clear, the sun burns with a fiery blaze in the blue sky. This piece evokes those flashes of gold in the shifting blues and mauves of the northern sky. 

Full and Detail:

Ice Binds Heaven and Earth
Size: 15” x 15”
In the undefined landscapes of the north, where even the horizon can lose itself, the dancing northern lights of the heavens are tethered to the shifting snow by the ice that captures their dance.


Inuit Tattoo
From a diary excerpt of a crew member of the 1576 voyage, his words upon first meeting the natives.
Full and Detail:

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