October 03, 2018

WAR - A Personal Response GATEWAY TO THE WEST

I will be sharing some of my pieces that will be in the WAR exhibit in 
Sidney, BC from October 16 through November 29th, 2018.

Title: Winnipeg - Gateway to the West
Size: 22” x 32”
Materials: silk, fabric paint
Techniques: silk screening, stamping

Disembarking in Canada, Ukrainian immigrants boarded a train for 
Winnipeg – Gateway to the West. There, they were housed in 
immigration halls, were counselled about available land and possible 
work, and made arrangements to travel to their final destinations. 
There was culture shock, and some even found their names and 
their nationalities changed by the bureaucracy, with names 
transliterated and citizenship recorded from their passports, which 
had been issued by the last country to occupy Ukraine. It was 
surprising and confusing, “as if it was a christening or they were 
born again.”
Nonetheless, it was here they began to recover from the chaos of 
travel, to gain a sense of control, and to organize for the last leg of 
the journey to their new home. They packed up supplies. They 
gathered tips for homesteading. And they drew on their faith and 
confidence to move forward to their shiny new lives.



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