May 23, 2007

Meta Incognita moves to Banff

Meta Incognita is moving to the Summer Arts Festival at the Banff Centre in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada from May 26 - September 22, 2007.

This set of work is based upon a study session at Cold Lake where our group Articulation studied northern lights and ice formations. Returning to Calgary we then joined the Calgary Opera and their world premiere of Frobisher and our study expanded to include 16th century explorers, Elizabethan culture, Inuit culture and Arctic landscapes. This show, called Meta Incognita (Unknown Limits), hung in the Jubilee Auditorium for three months in early 2007 before moving to the Banff Summer Arts Festival. Selections from the collective body of work (3 of my ships) will hang in the foyer of the Eric Harvie Theatre, which will be open to the public from 9am - 10pm everyday.


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I am so impressed with the attention to detail and creativity that Donna brings to her incredible art.

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