June 24, 2008

McMullen Gallery Workshops

May 22nd had Lesley Turner and I, along with my classical guitar playing son, head to Edmonton to teach a workshop in the gallery where our art was hanging. With his guitar music in the background, Lesley and I invited patients and visitors into our shop to partake in some creative darning. Using pictures of UNESCO sites in Canada for inspiration, along with samples in our work on the walls, we encouraged our guests to join us in the meditative process that stitching is all about. Working on squares of burlap and using tapestry needles, strips of torn cottons and silks, and yarns, they were encouraged to add layers upon layers to portray their chosen picture in terms of image or simply colour.
We returned to Edmonton approximately every two weeks over the run of the exhibition and felt privileged to be able to share our talents with those in need of a getaway from the stress of hospital life.

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