June 27, 2008

Provencal 4 - Market Day



lavender products (unfortunately we missed the blooming by weeks)

After the arid cities and villages elsewhere in Provence, the presence of water at every turn is a welcome change. In Isle-sur-la-Sorgue — called the "Venice of Provence" — the Sorgue River's extraordinarily clear and shallow flow divides like cells, producing water, water everywhere.

And they are famous for their twice a week markets. We visited on a Sunday and the entire town was taken over with booths selling anything from local produce and crafts to antiques.

It really is worth visiting one along your way for a glimpse into the everyday life.

And the one memory that sticks in my head about travelling in France over all the years that I have returned, is the POPPIES! Haven't seen the lavender fields in bloom yet, but the poppies brightening up every field makes up for it.

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