November 05, 2008

Winter Has Arrived - At Least For A Couple Of Days

Fall 2008 has been so lovely and gentle. Usually our best Indian Summer here in Southern Alberta sees the leaves being blown off the trees shortly after they change colours (like within hours!) and us living with brown branches for an extended period of time. This year the leaves took their own sweet time changing - this Mountain Ash tree, photographed in first week of October, has lovely shading on it with simultaneous green, orange, and yellow leaves - that combined with the abundance of red berries made for an artistic autumn!

And now look at what has happened!

Woke up this morning to our first snow of the season - that it has taken until the first week of November for this to happen is amazing, and I know there is plenty more coming in the following months. Although with the warming environment we do not usually get the massive amounts of snow until well after Christmas anymore. Looking forward to the new landscapes the coming seasonal changes make, but not the shovelling ahead!

And, as this post's title alludes, temperatures are forecasted to soar this coming week so the fallen moisture will soon disappear into our parched earth.

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