February 17, 2009

Birthday Greetings

My very good friend Nancy Dormer coordinated my Bookies collective (of very good friends!) with a group project for my 5oth birthday which incorporated everything dear to me - fabric, art, and brooches.

Each person was responsible for creating art of any sort on six precut squares of fabric mounted upon foamcore. Certain lines were drawn into the six squares and the integrity of these had to be maintained. These are the finished creations by:

Kirsten H
(lovely bold colours painted with acrylics, detailing added with pencil crayons)

Margaret VD
(sketchings of my art work themes of the past four years)

Ros J
(light and delicate with my initials in the background and leaves for detailing)

Nancy D
(female figure with components of my life incorporated, done in felt pens then blended with rubbing alcohol to bleed the inks)

Colleen N
(pastels and gold splotches create a delicate piece with an encouraging quote)

Lindley M
(so rich and luscious, in colours reminiscent of desert sunsets and ocean blues)

Patti R
(she is the zentangle queen who can doodle up a storm)

And the pieces went together to make this montage - with the number fifty (in large Kersals) written over it all.

One of the neatest things is that I now have 49 separate pieces of art - I can take any one square and wear it individually. I am totally chuffed with it and my friends!

1 comment:

Nan said...

You have really cool and special friends (especially that Nancy Dormer person!). Thanks for sharing these wonderful pieces of art.

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