February 26, 2009

Contemporary Art Gallery Walking Tour

Last weekend I attended a first-ever event, that was so successful that the gallery is talking about running it 3 or 4 times a year.

The ART GALLERY OF CALGARY hosted a Gallery Walking Tour of Contemporary Art Galleries in downtown Calgary. When I read this blurb, I couldn't resist signing up and taking fellow artist Lesley Turner along with me!

The Friends of The Art Gallery of Calgary invite you to join them for a guided walking tour of contemporary art galleries in downtown Calgary. Senior Art Curator Marianne Elder will lead you through a contemporary art experience unlike any other. Galleries to be included:
Trepanier Baer
Douglas Udell Gallery
Paul Kuhn Gallery
Herringer Kiss Gallery
Art Central
The Art Gallery of Calgary

For three hours we, and 25 others, traipsed around the downtown core and were greeted at each gallery usually by the owners, who gave us a personal tour of the current exhibits. At the moment EXPOSURE 2009, the 5th annual celebration of photographic arts held simultaneously in Calgary and Banff is showing in almost every gallery in the two cities and so we were privileged to see work by photographers Virginia Mak, Dianne Bos, Sarah Nind, Colleen Philippi, MN Hutch Hutchinson, David Burdeny's shots of the Arctic north and south, Douglas Kirkland's photos of Marilyn Monroe, and a couple of works of Edward Burtynsky's Residual Landscapes.

This ties into our going to Banff where the rest of the Burtynsky exhibition is showing at the Whyte Museum - one of our 'must sees' for our time in the mountains!

If you live in the Calgary area, I highly recommend signing up for information on future tours with the Art Gallery of Calgary - click on link to request information.

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