March 10, 2009

Banff - Day 10

Remember the dyeing I did the other day and was waiting to be surprised about how it turned out? Here are picture of the rinsing buckets - I did three colourways: (1) purple, blue and black (2) orange, brown, yellow and black, and (3) red, magenta, black - in a mix of cotton fabrics and cheesecloth.

And here it is hanging on the line drying. Got some lovely rich colour combinations.

And the stack of them all folded and colour coded:

The red one above (which is interesting but looks a little too much like tie-dye) was calling me, so today I covered it with another layer of different coloured dyes - will see what happens to it tomorrow.

Today in the dye studio I did another deconstructed screen - actually my third one - they just keep getting better! Here are two close ups from screen #2 (which I dyed yesterday but rinsed and dried today.) I focused on different sized squares and dots. I love this one!

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