March 11, 2009

Banff - Day 11

Why this is such an unique experience...

Yes, the facilities are amazing, the studio space is wonderful to work in, and the setting cannot be beat...

But it is the people you meet here - in an atmosphere where artists are appreciated and you are among others of your kind. Here are some of the people we have met and shared with so far (click on their name for a link to more information about them):

Catherine Thompson We met Catherine last year while we were in Banff and ran into her again this year. She has had a couple of concerts with her handmade instruments and original compositions while we have been here.

Ragnar Kjartansson Ran into some Icelanders on my first day and raved to them about their country. Bumped into him in the dining room over the next week and had a lovely conversation on his last day.

Flossie Peitsch Flossie arrived yesterday from Australia and she has already visited our studio and taken excess fabrics and notions for her project, plus engaged in a discussion on art and a mini critique session as we showed her our work.

Susan Swan A writer who is next door to us in the Leighton Colony.

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