March 13, 2009

Banff - Day 13

What a busy day this Friday has been!
Our 6th Articulation member arrived last night from New Brunswick, and here she is fresh and stitching away - ReBecca Paterson.

At 4pm we had an appointment for a private tour through the 'not open to the public' collections in the Whyte Museum with head curator Michale Lang. She took us into the back rooms, pulling out samples of textiles from the Stoney First Nations and early settlers in the Banff area. A very busy hour that flew by as we raced from room to room and finally into Catherine and Peter Whyte's home to rummage through their closet - the Whyte Museum has amazing resources!

After the tour, since it was the first time since we've been here that we have left the Banff Centre and gone into the town of Banff itself, we decided to have dinner down there - sushi! After hunting around for an after dinner coffee shop, we rushed back up the hill to take in the Friday night concert series. Last weekend was amazing with the Japanese group Pro Musica Nipponia who were touring Canada with a smaller part of their entire ensemble. They played traditional and modern compositions on traditional Japanese instruments. The instruments and the music they produced were wonderful.

The Friday Concert Night Out series is set up with musicians in residence here playing for the first half of the program, and then some international touring group playing for the second half. This week the concert featured Anna Tkatchouk from Ukraine playing Brahms on viola, then a modern piece by Roberto Morales and Chris Chafe on flute, piano, computer and celletto. The second half was German violinist, pianist, and composer Kolja Lessing playing Sonata No. 2 in e minor, Op. 36a by Ferruccio Busoni. Wow! - we are blown away by the talent in this place. To think we have been sitting at the next table eating meals in the restaurant and having no idea who these amazing people are. Their performances were the highlight of our week!

This weekend I have entertainment planned for all three evenings - one thing we found out this year is that the tickets are discounted for artists at the Centre, and some of the concerts are even free - how can one not take in what is offered?!?

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