March 16, 2009

Banff - Day 16

Hard to believe we are halfway through our time here but in some ways we have accomplished quite a bit already, even though there isn't a lot of work up on the walls to show for it... yet!

We are making arrangements for an open house / wine and cheese reception here at the Banff Centre from 4 to 6 pm on Friday, March 27th in the Other Gallery in Glyde Hall. This time the show will be the results of our time here and will included dyed fabrics, stitched pieces, and more.

Our instructor arrived yesterday from Saskatchewan, Martha Cole, an eminent artist who happens to work in fibre. She will be giving us private critiques on our past works as well as helping us focus on what differentiates us from one another - our strengths and passions. We spent today looking for a bigger studio space where we could hang all of our work (each of us brought 7 to 10 finished pieces) so we could be surrounded by it and its energy, while having discussions on the artistic process, working methods, and how to embrace happiness that comes from doing your art and move forward with it. It was late by the time everyone hung their work (we moved a couple of times before finding the perfect space) but I will post pictures tomorrow of our 'chock full of colour' room.

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