March 17, 2009

Banff - Day 17

Back to the other Articulation artists and what themes they are working on for this WOMEN ROCK study...

Wendy Klotz has quite a few themes going. They range from:
1) Mt. Edith Cavall, one of the few mountains in the Rockies named after a woman - and the story behind why.
2) Maligne Lake, done in different painterly styles.
3) series on glaciers and how they are disappearing
4) paint flowers like Mary Vaux
5) trees - she is building a forest!
6) Mary Schaeffer and her buckskin jacket

Lesley Turner is working on regendering the mountains and putting women back into the landscape. She will also focus on flowers in relation to how women have had the medicinal knowledge about them, and painted them for recreation. This supports the theory that women see the details in things whereas men are more interested in the big picture, looking off into the distance searching for game for food.

Here are pictures of our colourful studio filled with art as we talk about big issues with Martha Cole.
Wendy Klotz standing in front of Gloria S. Daly and Ingrid Lincoln's work.

My wall filled with all my different pieces from many themed shows - it is very interesting to see everything together (first time I have ever seen it all in one place so can really see what my main techniques and design elements are.) Who knew I was so into repetition?? Am learning lots of interesting things about myself!

And I thought this was quite a wonderful image - the show in the Walter Philips Gallery just ended and today as I was passing I noticed one of the interns removing the lettering off the wall. This last image just stirs the calligrapher in me!

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