March 23, 2009

Banff - Day 23

Woke up in the morning to this...

but by afternoon it was like this and major melting happening!

I spent the day in the dye studio today (we are back down in Glyde Hall for another week.) This time I will be focusing on dyeing silks and was preparing my fabrics by tying them with shibori methods using materials I had on hand (dental floss!) Never took a final picture of them as we were rushing off to attend openings by Sandra Hawkins and Flossie Peitsch.

Sandra had photos she had taken in the Arctic in the early '80s and had two series. In one, the photos were overlain with handwriting from her diary pages and were in almost sepia tones. And the other had images of New York City over top of icy blue toned pictures of Coppermine. Both were lovely and almost a dual image tricking the eye, but I must say I was partial to the one involving words.

Flossie came from Australia with nothing and was determined to make art to leave behind - so she titled her work "All Things Temporary" and spent the first part of her time dumpster diving here at the Centre. Her collection has been split into three exhibits 1. Selected 2. Sorted and 3. Sounded and tonight we gathered to see #2.

She had nine parts to her complete work - here are photos of five of them.

But as much as I loved what Flossie had done with her collections, I found myself mesmerized with the micro-images. See what I mean...

Here is Flossie herself demonstrating how part 3 will be added, music recorded using all the pieces found within her studio.

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