March 25, 2009

Banff - Day 25

Into the dyeing studio in the morning and I printed my deconstructed screen - this time in turquoise blue, yellow, and forest green.

ReBecca got right into dyeing her silk fabric and ribbons. I got her to add some of my shibori tied pieces into her mix, so we will be steaming them tomorrow to set the dyes.

The official press from the Centre describing The Liminal Screen Residency "provides a unique take on video art-based residency programs. This year's theme is the extension of the screen into other media or networks (biological, philosophical, social and other systems). Fourteen International practitioners from all walks of screen-based practice will be presenting new works created during the residency, exploring the spaces and relationships between screen, mind and hard reality." These 14 artists have been around for the past month and today had their open studio tour.

It was an extremely interesting afternoon going from studio to studio to see what 'New Media" artists are doing these days. From (my favourite) temporary interactive graffiti artists... to encouraging public gardens... a shadow maze... an endless black hole... multi-media storytelling to be used at senior centres... to performance art using technological interfacing... This residency was about taking film off of the wall and changing the perception of the viewer. To be able to see so many different installations in one place was great.

These photos are from Erica Lincoln and her project called 'experiments in birding' where she built bird analogues and nest models.

She also happens to be the daughter of one of the Articulation artists, Ingrid Lincoln. Their overlapping residencies were a cause of surprise to both of them but they have enjoyed their time in Banff and sharing the artist life together.

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