March 28, 2009

Banff - Day 28

My daughter had to be up extra early this morning because she was heading out dog sledding. By the time we got out of the dining room, the sun was just hitting the mountain range down the valley.

Now that the final show is up for the weekend, it seems like things are slowing down around here. Today our main accomplishment was the annual general meeting for Articulation - while everyone is gathered here in the mountains, we had the chance to do some business so the entire day was spent in meeting mode.

But we finished by 6pm and I got to head into Banff with my daughter. Stopped to take some photos of the gorgeous rock faces, and happened to notice wildlife above us. A wapiti (elk) was eating his dinner too.

While in town for sushi, we noticed the sunset on Mount Rundle (Tunnel Mountain in the foreground) and I just had to get this photo from another viewpoint.


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