April 15, 2009

Bryce Canyon National Park

From Cedar City we headed east to Bryce Canyon but because of a spring snow fall (of which we said "we're from Canada, we can handle that") we encountered such amounts of snow and ice on the mountain pass that we actually turned back. We were determined to get there so we took a more circular northern route but through several valleys and high mountain plateaus that eventually got us there - and it was worth the effort!

One of the best things I found there (on Easter Sunday) was this bunny a Mexican family had made on a railing for all to enjoy before the warm weather melted him. It was the first sign of the Easter season I found anywhere - there have been no signs up in stores, no candy around (we never went to any Wal-Marts where I am sure there was no shortage!), but I found it odd that there was no visible signs of any sort anywhere - so I liked my found rabbit!

The canyons were spectacular and the fresh snow added extra detailing...

again, a 'big picture' place but guess what attracted me?
d e t a i l s
look at those lines...

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Karin Millson said...

Hiya Donna,
Thanks for sharing your images. I am working on some hoodoo like structures right now and your photos are inspirational. I am a geologist as well as a mixed media person! and haven't yet been to Utah, although my husband, also a geologist, has and has some stunning photos too.
I have also seen the solidified cross-bedding in the sandstones in Oman... stunning.
It has just got to be stitched.

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