April 07, 2009

Still in Sedona

For three days I snapped photographs of the red rocks but when I looked at my output from my camera, the redness and lushness doesn't come through. I was saying "this is a big picture place" - meaning you need to show the scope of what your eye is seeing. And a tiny camera lens just doesn't cut it. Here are some of my attempts...

First, out of the airplane window - now these shots I was impressed with - my 11x zoom was doing its' job. North and east of the Grand Canyon is the Glen Canyon National Recreational Area - this is what you are seeing here.

Then, in Sedona - Cathedral Rock
(These first two are centres of high vortices - the New Age followers in Sedona talk about high energies that emulate within 10 miles of these formations.)

Bell Rock

Courthouse Butte

This one shows the 'red' better

And from one of the scenic viewpoints as we drove to different areas around Sedona...

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