June 28, 2009

Winnipeg Work - new for Winnipeg

I have been working on a couple of new pieces for the exhibit moving to Winnipeg in September, based upon architectural details I found while touring the city. These photos show the original piece - one is the base of a column, and the other is a detail high on the side of a bank on Main Street.

Starting with two aluminum cans of pop, I cut them open by removing the top and bottom, and flattened the cans. The images were then embossed onto the aluminum with an old ball point pen, and decorative borders added to fill in the space. Then they were painted with black acrylic paint to highlight the raised areas.

I made backgrounds to mount these metal pieces onto using velvet, painted Wonder Under, and two colours of chiffon scarves. Now I am playing with layout and figuring out what else to use for borders and design interest.

Have to wait until Winnipeg to see the final piece!

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