October 20, 2009

CALYX after party

Had a wonderful day at the Calyx Fine Art Show and Sale on Sunday - lots of fibre enthusiasts came along and wanted to talk. It is lovely to see such an interest in textiles.

Here are photos of some of work - anyone interested in purchases can contact me through this site.

My table of 3D items at the show:
I make a bag using the oldest stitch known to mankind - which has been found in every culture around the world since the beginning of time. Using an Irish waxed linen and a needle and thread, over 2000 stitches go into this Keepsake Pouch necklace. It is then decorated with beads and metal findings, and filled with semi-precious stones and crystals with accompanying listing of spiritual properties.

These pictures show the colours and combinations I have made in the past - the purple one is the only one I currently have on hand. I am always making new ones of these, and never repeat a design. The Viking Rune on the front of the bag stands for 'love'.

I create a new line of brooches every year, and along with the jewellery, some of them are framed, mounted on hand or machine sewn backgrounds. This year's are made with a rare square sequin sewn onto silk.

Again, a sample of the items - the black one in the center is the only one I have left:

And, new this year, Devore Silk and Rayon Scarves in many different colours and patterns.

These have a raised velvet motif:

And on these, the motif is flush with the background:

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