January 02, 2011

New Addition to the Blog!

Just to let you know I have added the sidebar (along the top!) with my gallery of art. Have just started putting pieces up, so there will be more to come, but these are my newer pieces that are not on my web site yet.

I am busy finishing up my very newest work for the 2011 exhibit at the Whyte Museum of the Rockies in Banff this fall. This all started with our artist retreats to the Leighton Artist Colony at the Banff Centre in 2008 and 2009.

In 2008 Articulation invited specialty speakers (Ben Gadd, Tara Moran, Jennifer Salahub, Willi Schmidt, Paul MacKay) on mountain culture and had several tours of surrounding geology and general terrain. In 2009 we rented studio space and were able to do large production work using silk screening, printing, and dyeing.

After two years of researching (Whyte Museum Archives) and coming up with design ideas, I currently have ten pieces on the go at the moment!


Yogi said...

nice gallery. Love the 14" square pieces - fern leaf & red cedar.
The hotels at the bottom are beautiful

Donna said...

Thanks Yogi - the Fern and Cedar pieces are some of my favourites! They are so tactile, starting as 80-year old woolen blankets that a friend gave me out of her grandparent's attic. I felted them with my 'Embellisher' machine to make them really thick.

Urban Cowboy said...

Hi Donna,

Beautiful work. Guess you weren't just laughing and having fun when I used to see you at the Banff Centre..... :-D


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