March 31, 2011


I went west last weekend for my first trip out of Calgary since September (health reasons) and it was so wonderful to get away from the snow here and extra long winter and head to the greenness of British Columbia.

I was in Vancouver for 5 days, the forecast for which was solid rain, but in reality we never felt a drop of rain the very many times we went out for shopping trips to various trendy areas. Stayed a 20 walk away from Granville Island and the market; hit West 4 Avenue for latest goodies in boots, scarves and kitchenware; and then onto Commercial Avenue for the interesting eclectic mixture in the old hippie area.

These photos show the contrast:

March 26, Vancouver
- their spring is late too and the cherry trees were just popping out in blossoms this weekend.

March 28, Calgary
- meanwhile I had to come back to all this snow but the chinook winds are coming and now the water is running down every hill in copious amounts. But the forecast is for more snow this coming weekend...

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ReBecca Paterson said...

Great photo of the boats!!!

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