June 25, 2011

Just returned from a month of textiles!

I travelled to Minneapolis for the Surface Design Association conference which takes place every two years. (I was a SDA conference virgin but can see why people go year after year!) After years of being hosted in Kansas City, it is now changing its location every two years travelling the country looking for another home.

Minneapolis was a great start as I had no idea what a textile centre it was!!! There were over 33 textile exhibitions on in the city while we were there, and even though our first day was a choice of 4 different bus tours (how many can you cram in?) we didn't see near as many as we would have like to.

I started at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts and the show by Jiyoung Chung entitled Whisper-Romance using the traditional Korean method of paper-making called "Joomchi". I LOVED IT!! Since I started my artistic life in paper before moving onto fabric, and always wanted to incorporate the paper and text into my work, I loved what she was doing with this ancient art form.

Joomchi is a unique Korean traditional way of making textured handmade paper by using water and Hanji (Korean mulberry papers). Record says that the Koreans started making Joomchi in Chosun Dynasty, 1392 - 1910. Joomchi creates strong, textural and painterly surfaces by layering and agitating. Its usages are diverse and it can be incorporated into surface design, collage, 2D and 3D, and functional objects such as lamps, space dividers, purses, garments.

Here is some of her work:

    And loving the exhibit so much, I was thrilled to attend a demonstration by Jiyoung Chung to see how she makes the paper. People who signed up for her actual class commented on cramping forearms and carpal tunnel syndrome, as the technique is very labour intensive and a very physical activity. Sure made me appreciate what she does even more!


Cheri said...

Beautiful work thanks for sharing, it was nice meeting you at the market and hope those beaded earring are working for you!

Nancy said...

Seriously yummy!!!

Donna Clement said...

This was seriously luscious paper!! I loved what she did with it - did you check out her web site?

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