August 07, 2011

Summer 2011 - Fields

Because our cabin is located east of Calgary, we are in the middle of the wheat growing Prairies. Watching the crops progressing through their summer growth is something worth keeping your eye on...

Canola (or when I was growing up, it was called Rapeseed) are the brilliant yellow fields of the Prairies - and it really seemed to be the crop of choice this year - it was everywhere!

The first hint of colour was on July 1st:

one week later:

the next day, further east, driving down country roads:

and July 17th on the west side:

and July 18th, further east. The yellow flowers fade away and the top becomes a fuzzy green. Here is a close up of the pods that are growing beneath the flowers, these are full of the tiny black canola seeds - the seeds are what are pressed to make the oil that you use in cooking.

But there are other crops out there too...
Wheat is getting taller, but not golden until the fall.

and the haying is a steady occurrence in one field or another...

BUT, what stopped my heart, was on our way home this week, we discovered a field of flax. I haven't seen it growing for about 8 years on this stretch of the TransCanada Highway - and it takes my breath away every time!

From the stalk, the fabric linen is made. But the flowers create an ocean of blue over the green Prairies - I love it! They just burst into bloom this week because there was no sign of what was in store for us before this trip.

1 comment:

Donna Clement said...

And a week later all the flower petals had fallen off the plants with a big wind+rain storm that went through the area. Great timing in getting the photographs taken!!

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