August 05, 2011

Summer 2011 - Skies

I returned from my trip to the Surface Design Conference in the middle of June and that is when the summer weather finally arrived in southern Alberta. From that point on my husband and I were out at our cabin during the week and home in Calgary on the weekends. It is consistently 5c degrees warmer than town and in its own little micro-climate - a great place to laze away the summer days.

Watching the prairie skies over the past couple months is one my highlights of prairie living... Here are some shots, and of course the cloudy (pre-rain) ones are best.

The above photos are all from a single trip - a one hour drive heading east of Calgary.

These two are from a +33 Celsius (91 Fahrenheit) hot summer day, one month later.

And below, more hot summer days...

A couple of weeks after that was this most amazing sight - it was either a cloud just forming, or just dissipating - it was like someone was erasing it from the sky! I have never seen anything like it before!!

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