April 20, 2012

More to sell... 2

I will also have some small pieces of wall art that incorporate embossed copper metal or aluminum metal, hand and machine stitched onto decorative backgrounds.

Two are based upon Celtic Runes. They are small treasures mounted on 6" x 6" canvas frames that are 1 1/2" deep - so meant to stand on a bookshelf.

This first one has just sold.

Then I have three that are floral. They are all mounted upon 12" x 12" canvas frames, but wired on the back for hanging.

Glimpse of Poppy - on linen background.

Plus I will have the pieces that were exhibited in Banff over Christmas at the Whyte Museum. There are four based upon Burgess Shale site found on Mount Stephen by Field BC. My artist statement for those reads:

"The fossils contained in the Burgess Shale, which detail the incredible array of life in the early Cambrian period, have amazed the world with their detail and diversity since their discovery in 1909. Concealed in compacted mud, muscles, gills and other soft body parts are revealed along with bones, teeth and shell, exposing the mysteries of the beginning of the Cambrian era.  These pieces attempt to convey the richness of the layers of life found there."

Preserved Impression - "Burgessochaeta"

Preserved Impression - "Gogia"

And the Mountain Pine Beetle invasion that man countered with by burning large swatches of forest in the Rocky Mountains. My artist statement for these five pieces reads:

The charred remains of pine trees that are visible throughout the Rocky Mountains are signs of man’s attempt to control the spread of the destruction caused by the Mountain Pine Beetle. Cross-sections of the growth rings of these burnt remains echo the shapes of the original scribbling of maps that early explorers used to navigate the Rockies. With no roads, natives travelled along animal trails, and when the white man arrived, their native guides jotted jagged lines onto paper to direct them.

Guide Me Through The Dark Unknown 1

Guide Me Through The Dark Unknown 3

The Calgary Calyx sale is tomorrow - Saturday April 21st - and the Edmonton sale is Saturday May 5th. I am finishing up labelling and tagging. Still busy....

Contact me if you are interested in any of the goodies on the previous posts...

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