May 26, 2012

Different Strokes Art Gallery

I just deliver a lot of my smaller pieces to my rep gallery in Olds, Alberta.

- brooches - the upcycled cashmere and merino wool, as well as the Clementine Design hat and lapel pins,
- Keepsake Pouch necklaces filled with semi-precious gems and stones,
- felted paperweights (beach stones carried across the mountains from the west coast of Vancouver Island and felted with merino wool),
- small framed textile pieces, some mounted on backgrounds of fibres like banana leaf yarn; and also flowers free machine embroidered onto copper metal,

Different Strokes is a lovely gallery on main street (50th Street) in downtown Olds, approximately 45 minutes north of Calgary on the Queen Elizabeth #2 highway, run by Debbie Ohlhausen who's philosophy is:

"Different Strokes Art Gallery is committed to broadening the confines of what individuals think of when they hear the term "Gallery". We believe that art is not necessarily meant to be quiet and passive - a gallery should have the same passion for its exhibited artworks that the artists have for their own work.

Different Strokes exhibits all forms of art by artists and artisans, mainly from Alberta, focusing on the artist and not just the art work. We welcome all art lovers to come in, be our guest, and appreciate the many different shapes, forms and sizes that art can take"

Her web site is here.

It is a lovely gallery full of Albertan artists that is worthy of a visit...

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