August 23, 2012

Summer dyeing fun!

I have been in town for only 3 days this whole month of August, with most of my time spent at our cabin in a coulee on the Albertan Prairies. But out there I have been doing a lot of dyeing of silk scarves!

Even though it was 30c out, I sacrificed and stood over a pot of boiling water watching magic happen...

When I got home I laid them all out on the back deck in their colourways... in each pot I had from 2 to 4 different scarves (silk velvet or silk rayon or solid silk). Look carefully at the piles and see if you can identify which is which.

But my favourite part of all this was that I had a new dye - black - that I used for the backgrounds and got some great colour combinations to go with it. I was very happy with all of my results!

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