April 17, 2013

Keepsake Pouches

These are necklaces I make with a needle and thread (Irish linen that is waxed to hold the shape). The stitch is called "nalbinding" and is one of the oldest stitches used by mankind (it predates knitting by centuries). The actual bag is 2" x 3" and is made with over 2000 stitches. Then I decorate them with buttons, beads or charms, make an adjustable neck cord with either a leather thong, or braided linen, and then add semi-precious stones or gems inside them.

These are the ones I currently have in stock (they tend to disappear quickly, so I don't usually have time to even post them on Etsy.) They will be available at the Calyx sale on Sunday.

And here they are packed for the show...

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