April 21, 2014

Easter Monday

The saying I have had stuck in my head for over 30 years is:


Had lots of company and lots of food this holiday weekend and managed to get some time in doing some Pysanky.

My daughter pulled out the supplies and decided to embark on a black and white graphic theme, and when I came upstair just before midnight I decided I liked them so much I wanted to do some too.

Applying beeswax onto eggs with a Kitska (also known as a Tjanting when used to do Indonesian batik)...

Dipping the egg into black dye...

Letting it dry on a homemade egg stand...

Melting the wax off with heat from a candle and wiping with a paper towel...

And the final result!
Lizzie's three are on the left and mine are on the right. 

My favourite (mainly for the contrast it provides) is the brown egg - we ran out of white ones! The words on it were 'stream of conscious' ramblings that read:
"The art of Pysanky is an ancient art that those of Ukrainian heritage do to celebrate Easter, new life in the Spring - plants and animals are once again born and so the circle of life continues on and on and on..."

Here is a final closeup.

1 comment:

Lesley Turner said...

So Beautiful - the designs, the decorated eggs and the mother/daughter thing

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