October 15, 2014

Calyx 2

I was out of town for the month of September, first on the west coast with my art group Articulation for our annual study session; then to Ontario for family visiting to show I was (almost) back to normal after the holiday accident in May.

While away I worked on stitching lots of my keepsake bags - the body part is made of over 2000 stitches out of waxed Irish Linen thread and takes hours to produce. Then I came home and got to decorate them all... the fun begins! And I become quite attached to the different colourways I select for each.

Pulling out beads and buttons of all sorts and sizes and colours:

Here is the shot of new necklaces all ready for Calyx:
And some close ups of the finished ones:

And a sampling of what they contain. I select semi-precious stones and gems (and give a handout of their spiritual properties) to add to them based upon the colour scheme of each:

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