October 21, 2014

Life after Calyx

Calyx was a great day on Saturday, visiting with lots of people and discussing textiles with everyone. I sold lots of art pieces, silk scarves, and jewellery. But now that that rush is over it is time to hit the mountains!

Today we headed out to Grassi Lakes, just outside of Canmore. I can't believe that I have lived in Calgary for 30 years and have never done this super popular hike. A weekday in late October is a perfect time to do it as it is usually packed with locals and tourists.

Yesterday was an amazing fall day of 21c and sun. Today was overcast and quite a bit cooler but that was okay for hiking.
Heading west, out of town... The skies to the NW had hints of blue sky and sun peeking through but looking SW it was pretty dark over the mountains!

We took the "difficult trail" up, much more scenic through the trees heading towards the waterfalls. It started spitting rain so I had to borrow Dave's hat (he had a hood) - it was not too bad as anyone who knows me knows how difficult it is for me to find one that looks half-decent on me!
Then above the waterfalls it got interesting with lots of scree and rundlestone steps - lots of vertical covered!

But the lakes make it worthwhile!
There are two, the Lower Grassi

and the Upper Grassi, and they are famous for their colours. Keep in mind this was a dull day and look at how the colours still shine!

And the shadows of the mountain above made for great reflections from some other people who showed up just in time to be photographed across the lake!

Then we climbed above the Upper Lake to the pictographs and the canyon that goes further on to another dam. (Note the rock climbers over Dave's head.)

Turning back and heading down the mountain. Here is the view of the two lakes, the reservoir below them, and the town of Canmore on the valley floor.

And Dave ran into a little friendly chipmunk.

For the hike down, we took the "easy trail" (a service road), just to check out the different option. Quite boring in comparison to the hike up through the woods.

As we left the sun broke out from behind the clouds...

And the sunset this evening was quite lovely back in town. Nice soft fall colours...

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