May 28, 2015

Contextural Residency

and now for the fun!

I have been accepted into the three month Contextural Summer Residency where I am able to use the Fibre Department facilities at the Alberta College of Art and Design (right next door to where I live in Calgary).


So it is off to "school". Monday the 25th was my first day so here I am loaded down with supplies as I embark on my lovely 10 minute walk through parkland to get to the facility. (Note the closed-toed shoes, and there is a backpack with more supplies.)

We have our own desks in a "dry" work room where I unloaded my bags,

then off to the "wet" working space - just one of many available. I decided to start with wet felting so here is a piece I started in a class last fall finally felted together.


Nancy said...

I love your felted piece. Those colours are ymmy.

Lesley Turner said...

How exciting. I wish you many productive hours.

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