September 16, 2015

Contextural Residency 6

During the three month residency this summer I alternated between:
     (1) felting
     (2) dyeing with a fibre reactive dye (Procion)
     (3) dyeing with plant material called "eco-dyeing"
     (4) printing with thickened dyes.

Some photos from the different plant dyeing sessions...

Laying out hollyhock blossoms and rose petals on a silk scarf
the bundles of plant materials

some were put into jars to keep on my deck all summer
  some went into the dyeing studio
 simmering bundles wrapped around Plexiglas forms
some of the opened bundles
 and last week I opened the last package and laid out all the eco-dyed scaves I have done over the summer, there are about 30
one of my favourite - caragana leaves - so delicate!

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